1) What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is $ 100, which is equivalent to 1 Vectra Token at the pre-ICO stage.

2) What is the maximum threshold for investing?

As such, there is no maximum threshold, however, the number of tokens available for purchase is limited to 10.000 VCT. After the sale of this amount, it will not be possible to purchase tokens at the pre-ICO stage.

3) Do I need verification or any documents to purchase tokens?

No, no documents are required to invest. We respect the privacy of our clients.

4) What cryptocurrencies can I exchange for Vectra tokens?

Almost all available coins are supported by the CoinPayments payment aggregator. We will add new ones over time.

5) How can I be sure that I will not lose money?

According to the user agreement, which each user agrees with when registering on our website, Vectra Technology LTD guarantees each client the safety of funds. In case of any problems with the implementation of the coin, 100% of their investments will be returned to all users.

6) What will the collected funds be spent on?

All funds will be spent on the completion of the technical development of the coin, its marketing promotion and popularization among the crypto community.

7) Who can become an investor? Are there any restrictions?

Any inhabitant of the planet earth can become an investor and acquirer of Vectra tokens.

8) After purchasing tokens, when will I be able to access my wallet and coins?

The first implementation and release of coins is scheduled for March 2021.

9) How do I get access to the wallet?

Access to your coins will be sent to your e-mail, which you used to register on our website. Then you can use both warm and cold wallets for further storage.

10) If I have any problems or questions, where can I contact?

You can ask any additional questions by e-mail: support@vectracoin.io