Terms of use


1.1 VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD hereby notifies clients (investors, partners and representatives, registered users and visitors of the vectracoin.io website) about the rules for using the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY service or related services on the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD investment platform.

By continuing to use the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD platform, you agree to the requirements and conditions of this user agreement, and we provide high-quality and secure access to your personal back office with investment opportunities. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the terms of the current agreement or other public documents of the company, we recommend you not to invest in VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD.

1.2 The requirements that we set for users are governed exclusively by legal, moral and ethical standards related to the involvement of an unlimited number of people in financial activities.

In order to invest in the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD platform, the user needs to have certain knowledge in finance, investments and cryptocurrency technologies, as well as skills in using electronic payment systems for cash payments.

1.3 People who have reached the age of 18 and have a sufficient level of responsibility for personal material well-being are allowed to the services of trust management. The company may at any time suspend the user’s account to conduct a KYC verification to verify their identity, as well as request any user documents.

In order to avoid undesirable consequences for our company and for you personally, please make sure of the legal origin of funds before replenishing your deposit account.


2.1 Tax reports on income received.

Clients of VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD must independently take care of filing personal income tax returns or other records of financial transactions made by local tax authorities in the prescribed manner, if required by national legislation.


3.1 VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD respects the confidentiality of your personal information and pays special attention to the secure processing of personal information. We use modern means to protect confidential customer data and are constantly improving protection technologies in accordance with international standards.

3.2 We collect and process personal data of users to ensure the correct operation of the platform and comfortable investment activity of VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD clients. The obtained data about our users helps us to effectively optimize work processes, modernize and evaluate the quality of our service, develop new technical solutions, making the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD platform even better and more convenient for investors and partners of the company.

Please read the current privacy policy to learn how we collect and process your personal data and what principles we adhere to with respect to sensitive customer information.


4.1 We care about the financial well-being of investors in the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD platform. Therefore, we familiarize potential clients with the possible risks associated with investments and operations with cryptocurrency by publishing a risk notice. Having carefully studied the text of the current notice, independently assess your personal financial capabilities and the acceptable level of risk.

4.2 Our main recommendations to clients go as follows: organize investment activities with maximum responsibility, get minimal experience and understanding of the investment and cryptocurrency markets, invest the available capital without compromising your personal budget and never use borrowed funds or capital secured by debt obligations to replenish your deposit account.

4.3 However, VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD is fully responsible for material damage, loss of profits or business interruption arising from the use of the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD platform by our users; we carefully take the necessary measures to protect the trust capital and guarantee the safety of funds.

4.4 We guarantee a refund in the amount of 100% of the deposit in case of impossibility to sell the coin, technical obstacles, hacker attacks, natural disasters, or in case of other unforeseen circumstances.


5.1 We closely monitor the fulfillment of the terms of this user agreement and the reality of the few requirements for users of the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD platform. In the event of violations or attempts to commit fraudulent actions, the company has the right to refuse the violator in the further provision of services with limited access to the personal back office.

5.2 To resolve disputes, send emails with your suggestions or complaints to the official email address of VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD. We are loyal to the resolution of conflicts that have arisen and are ready to consider your situation in a special way with the mutual conclusion of an amicable settlement.

5.3 New editions of the current user agreement will be published without prior notice to users, but we will certainly inform you about really crucial and important changes in the terms of use of the VECTRA TECHNOLOGY LTD investment platform.